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Nov 25, 2009 9:00am EST
? and is obama himself a sellout. the author is here to layout how the government, the president has given out the money. and then what you will see from retailers this black friday, but is this a trend or talker. >> we are taking you on to the white house red carpet. the fashion and the food as the president and his very first state dinner are in the bag. i am dylan ratigan. this is the "morning meeting." let's get started right now. joining us in new york this hour to help break everything down in the next few minutes, the managing editor for "the times," and then msnbc contributor, jonathan capehart, and then mike, but let's start with savannah. >> the president will announce today he will go to copenhagen for the climate change summit. this is the subject of speculation for a few weeks now. will he or will he not go, especially since it seems clear there will not be a break through agreement from the summit. but we can report the president will travel and make an appearance and make it part of his norway stop for the peace prize. >> do you think there is a truth to the news that this was a
Nov 24, 2009 9:00am EST
, and jim cantore. the white house is saying president obama will have a primetime speech a week from this evening. the president met for the final time last night with his top war council advisers. he is expected to announce an increase between 35,000 troops and maybe 32,000 troops. and it doesn't address there is only 100 al qaeda members there, but we will send more troops it sounds like. according to politico, senior democrats are having a tax. so more troops sounds like where we are headed and more taxes is where we are headed. jim, you are in afghanistan. what is the round point of view relative to the policy conversation? >> well, if it is 32,000 to 35,000 troops, that's similar to the amount that went into the surge in iraq. military planners are hoping the effects are similar. most americans now believe the affects in the surgeon in iraq were positive. more boots on the ground in populated areas, the so-called separating the enemy from the people if it plays out. we see interaction between u.s. forces on a daily basis with afghan nationals. that will very quickly save the mil
Nov 20, 2009 9:00am EST
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Nov 30, 2009 9:00am EST
. >>> and then will president obama's decision mean senator obama standards? good morning, my name is da e i. and i am the fine little host of this program called the "morning meeting." and it begins right now. big week ahead. we will break down what we need to expect. jonathan capehart is here, and crisis management eric deznol joining the meeting, and chuck todd on the health care debate, and kristin dolldrin rounding things out for us. what happened outside of tiger woods' florida home this weekend? for three days in a row, woods said he did not want to speak with police investigating the crash. we are getting some idea from his neighbor's call to 911. >>> the prominent website, tmz that tracks hollywood gossip said tiger's wife attacked him with a golf club because of an affair, and tiger was injured trying to drive away. eric, however the facts play out in the case, not a good five days in the tiger woods' camp. how much damage is done to the business and to the entire enterprise as a result -- and image as a result of all this? >> it's too early to tell. tiger woods is like steve jobs in the sense throug
Nov 23, 2009 9:00am EST
and so little on what america needs? >> well, in terms of what the terrorists want, the obama administration is very much interested in bringing khalid shaikh mohammed and four others defendant's to trial in a public forum, as close to the scene of the crime as they could get. they are going to get that. what they have also offered is a word stage to khalid shaikh mohammed, and others to give their views. and new york city being the center of the universe. the area around the courthouse will look like a forest of satellite trucks because the entire world will be focused on that trial giving them that stage. even in a military commission trial, khalid shaikh mohammed exhibited that he intended to use it as a grandstand. >> understood. to 2012 we go. and for some it's a chance for sarah palin to take a shot at the white house. for others, it's the end of the world. "saturday night live," for them, it was both. >> what a day this has been. >> the nation has a new president. >> sarah palin! as for myroning mate, it was an honor to stand beside a true american hero. >> i am sorry.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5